Canna Stillery THCa Budders


Budder is a THCA-rich cannabis concentrate that has the consistency and look of butter. Usually, budder has an amber or yellowish color to it. Most of the time, budder packs a powerful punch because it can easily have 80% THCA content or more.However, what really separates budder from other waxes and concentrates is the whipping techniques used to create it. That means that budder concentrates are not just potent but have a waxy, and sometimes crumbly, consistency.The combination of power and flavor has made budder one of the most beloved concentrates on the market. Users also love how easy budder concentrate is to handle.

  • 1 Gram Capacity
  • Live Terpenes
  • Contains THCa
**Photo is a stock image, each strain looks and batch looks slightly different, and transport in the mail may cause change in color or consistency as well**


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