Canna Stillery Exotics HHC:Δ8-THC:THC-O Cartridge


  • 1 Gram Capacity
  • Fits 510 Thread
  • Botanical Terpenes
  • Contains HHC, delta-8-THC, THC-O-Acetate

HHC:Δ8-THC:THC-O Cartridge, a one gram CCELL style vape cartridge filled with a 1:11: HHC:Δ8-THC:THC-O blend and enriched with exotic terpenes. No cutters, no fillers, no nonsense. Third party lab tested to ensure our products meet the standards you deserve. Available in 5 great flavors for whatever suits your distinguished pallet. Fits a standard 510 thread battery. Learn more about the effects of  Delta 8 or THC-O on our FAQ and Blog Posts! In our first curated menu release of 2022 we have handpicked 5 exotic strains that reminded us of our favorites from the 2021 Flavor Menu, but now with a new and intense twist!


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